97 - 98 Masters Degree in Sculpture/Ceramics with Distinction. University of Wales Institute, Cardiff

90 - 93 BA Hons Degree in Sculpture/Ceramics. University of Wales Institute, Cardiff


Solo Exhibitions: (selection)

11/2015 'Papaver Rhoeas' Biotissue Sculpture multi-venue exhibition

Saatchi Gallery, London, UK

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Richmond, London, UK

Sir John Soane's Museum, London, UK

Gordon Museum of Pathology, King's College London, UK

Brunei Gallery, SOAS, London, UK

Foundling Museum, London, UK

Freud Museum, London, UK

Florence Nightingale Museum, London, UK

Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum, London, UK

Firepower - Royal Artillery Museum, London, UK

Museum of the Order of St John, London, UK


10/07 ‘Faces of Battle’ Project Facade Exhibition. National Army Museum, London, UK

12/00 ‘Safe From Harm’, Year of the Artist exhibition. The Thackray Medical Museum, Leeds, UK


Group Exhibitions (selection)

09/15 - 11/15  Womens Work - Masculinity and Gender in Contemporary Fibre Art, San Diego Art Institute, USA. 

03/15 'Slippage - The Unstable Nature of Difference. Contemporary Art Space Chester. UK

01/15 - 04/15 Faces of Conflict - Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter, UK

10/14 - 01/15 'The Needle's Eye' KODE Bergen & National Museum of art, Architecture and Design, Oslo. Norway.

04/14 - 09/14 'Re:Collection'. Museum of Arts and Design New York, USA

04/13 'Gone Viral'. Marion Art Gallery, State University New York. USA

02/13 'Heads, Shoulders Genes & Toes'. Museum of Fine Arts, Florida State University. USA

12/11 - 03/13 'In Your Face' Curated by Nick Knight. SHOWstudio, London. UK

04/09 - 08/09 ‘Kreig Und Medizin’. Deutsches Hygiene-Museum, Dresden, Germany

11/08 - 02/09 ‘War + Medicine’. The Wellcome Collection, London, UK

11/07 - 02/08 ‘Pricked’: Extreme Embroidery. Museum of Arts & Design, New York, USA

03/07 - 08/07 ‘Diagnosis Art’. Museum im Kulturspeicher, Würzburg, Germany

10/06 - 02/07 ‘Diagnosis Art’. Kunst Ahlen Museum, Munster, Germany

04/05 ‘Somatechnics’. Macquarie University Gallery, Sydney, Australia

10/04 ‘Future Face’ Wellcome Trust Exhibition. The Science Museum, London, UK

05/03 ‘Treat Yourself’ Wellcome Trust Exhibition. The Science Museum, London, UK

04/03 ‘Digi-Monde’ Contemporary Art & Science Exhibition. Orleans House Gallery, London, UK

04/03 ‘Bodily Alter(c)ations’. Macquarie University Gallery, Sydney, Australia

10/02 ‘Short Cuts To Beauty’. The Victoria & Albert Museum, London

11/00 ‘7OVER5’. New Contemporary Art. Leeds Metropolitan Gallery, UK

11/00 ‘Eden’. Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture. Radley College Gallery, Oxford, UK

09/00 ‘Parade’: Leeds Contemporary Art Now. East Street Gallery, Leeds, UK

03/00 ‘Formerly Known As Art’ (F,K,A,A). Contemporary Fine Art in Leeds. The Wardrobe, Leeds

01/00 ‘Invisible Body’. Wellcome Trust Sci-Art Collaboration. The Atrium Gallery, London, UK


Public and Private Collections:

2016. Papaver Rhoeas Sculpture. Gordon Museum Of Pathology. London, UK.

2015. Project Facade Sculpture. National Museum of Art, Oslo, Norway.

2009. Project Facade Sculptures. The National Army Museum, London, UK.

2008. Project Facade Sculpture. The Museum of Arts & Design, New York, USA.

2008. Project Facade Sculpture. The Wellcome Collection, London. UK.


Commissioned Collaborations/Projects & Residencies (selection):

2017 Artist in Residence, The Lowry, Salford, UK.

2017 Legacies of War Artist in Residence, Leeds University, UK.

2016-17 Artist in Residence, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London UK

2012 (ongoing) Artist in Residence, Dental Institute, King's College London. UK

2014. Artist in Residence. 1914FACES2014. College of Humanities, Exeter University. UK

2004/7. Artist in Residence & Research Associate, The Gillies Archives. Queen Mary’s Hospital Sidcup, UK

2003/7. Artist in Residence & Research Associate, School of Dentistry & Maxillofacial Surgery. Guys Hospital, Kings College, London. UK

2000. Artist in Residence. Thackray Medical Museum, Leeds. UK


Funding and Awards:

2016 Arts Council England. Grants for the Arts Award.

2014-15 Papaver Rhoeas, Biotissue Remembrance Sculpture. Wellcome Trust Arts Award

2014 Creativeworks London 'Creative Entrepreneur in Residence' Award for 'Novel Networks'

2007 Remote Handling: Project Facade Digital Learning resource. The Wellcome Trust

2007 Wellcome Trust Supplementary Sci-Art Award. The Wellcome Trust

2004-06 Wellcome Trust Sci-Art Production Award for ‘Project Facade’. The Wellcome Trust

2003-04 Wellcome Trust People Award for ‘Face Corset/Bioglass Implant Development’. The Wellcome Trust

2003 ‘Changing Bodies/Changing Selves’ Conference travel bursary award. College London

2000 Year of the Artist Residency Award, The Thackray Medical Museum Leeds. Arts Council England

2000 Princes Trust Business Start Up Funding. The Princes Trust

99, 00/ 1 3 Individual Artists Awards. Arts Council England

1997 Post Graduate Study Award. Training & Enterprise Council



2015 Papaver Rhoeas. Co-curated with Niamh White

2007 Faces of Battle. National Army Museum, London

2000 Curator/Exhibition and events co-ordinator (50+ exhibitions). Brass Gallery, Leeds

2000 Safe From Harm. The Thackray Medical Museum, Leeds


Events: (selection):

2017 Panel Speaker. Beauty & Destruction with Clod Ensemble. Manchester Museum.

2016 Keynote speaker. Junior Trainee Group of the British Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons Glasgow.

2015 Guest Speaker, 'A Terrible Beauty'. Project Facade to Papaver Rhoeas. Norwich Museum & Art Gallery in conjunction with Norwich University of the Arts. Norwich, UK.

2015 Guest Speaker at LondonLASER, University of Westminster, London, UK

2015 1914FACES2014 Conference speaker. Exeter University. UK

2014 Guest Speaker, Norwich Fashion Week. UK

2009 Guest Research Speaker in the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies. University of Leeds, UK

2009 'Cosmetic Cultures' invited conference speaker. University of Leeds, UK

2009 Skin Deeper: Cosmetic Surgery & Culture invited speaker. Opera North. Leeds, UK

2008 International Battlefield Surgery Conference invited speaker. The Café Royal, London, UK

2008Theorising Practice; Practice in Theory, Symposium. Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

2008 Guest Speaker at ‘Skin Deeper’ public lecture in conjunction with ‘Skin Deep’ Operatic production by David Sawer & Armando Iannucci. Opera North, Leeds, UK

2008 Keynote Speaker & Judging panel member, WIRAD Research Competition, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff. UK

2007 Speaker at ‘Textile Identities’ Conference. Textiles Forum South West, Taunton, UK

2007 Beyond Prescription: Connecting Medicine, Culture & Research. Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

2006 ‘Strangers in a Strange Land’: Joint speaker with Prof Robert Whittle & Artist Heather Barnett. Arts Festival, UK

2005 Joint speaker with Dr Andrew Bamji from the Gillies Archive ‘Surgeons at War: Trafalgar to Tikrit’. The Hunterian Museum, London, UK

2005 Project Facade-Gillies Archives Public lecture. The Dana Centre, London, UK

2005 Project Facade/Gillies Archive Public lecture. The Hunterian Museum, London, UK

2003 Speaker at ‘Changing Bodies, Changing Selves’ Conference. Macquarie University Sydney, Australia

2002 Speaker at ‘Short Cuts to Beauty: in Contemporary Society’. The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK


Radio Coverage and Interviews: (selection)

21st Apr 05 Featured interview for Project Facade . ‘The Deep End’, Radio National, ABC Australia

28th Apr 03 Panel debate on The Face Corset Project. ‘The Deep End’, Radio National, ABC Australia

3rd Apr 03 Item on Face Corsets & Bioglass Implants. Material World’, PM Programme BBC Radio 4

3rd Feb 01 Radio interview. ‘Safe from Harm’ at the Thackray Medical Museum. BBC Radio Leeds


Television Coverage and Interviews: (selection)

27th Feb 14. BBC1 'Spotlight' interview by Justin Leigh

17th Feb 14. BBC WW1 at Home. Interview by Jo Loosemore

13th Dec 04 TV feature on Face Corsets & Bioglass implants. ‘London Tonight’ ITV

23rd April 03 Live TV interview on Face Corset & Bioglass implants project. ‘TODAY’, Channel 9 Australian National TV

Feb 2001 Year of the Artist residency and exhibition feature. ‘Tonight‘ Yorkshire Television

Fashion Publications 

2016 Garage Magazine/SHOWstudio. StyleShootDraw editorial. Issue 11 A/W 2016

2016 W Magazine. Rihanna Cover story editorial. Photography by Steve Klein. Styling by Edward Enninful

2015 Sunday Telegraph Magazine. Editorial. Photography by Michael Baumgarten. Styling by Daniela Agnelli

2015 Flaunt Magazine. Editorial featuring Elizabeth Banks. Photography by Hunter & Gatti. Styling by Zoe Costello

2015 Interview Magazine. Editorial. Photography by Dominick Sheldon. Styling by Andrew Mukamal

2015 W Magazine. Editorial. Photography by Steve Klein. Styling by Edward Enninful

2015 Schon! Magazine. Editorial. Photography Desiree Mattsson. Styling by Margrethe Gilboe

2014 Harper's Bazaar China. Editorial. Styling by Lucia Liu

2014 FAME Magazine. Feature Interview by John Rawson

2014 Vioro USA Magazine. Feature article by Matteo Guizzardi.

2014 SHOWstudio & Garage Magazine. 'Always & Forever' editorial. Photography by Nick Knight

2014 CR Fashion Book. Editorial. Photography by Benjamin Vnuk

2014 Valstrom Magazine. Editorial. Photography by Lauretta Suter

2014 Voir Magazine. Editorial. Photography by Abi Bansal

2014 Schon! Magazine. Editorial. Photography by Rossella Vanon

2014 Fantastics Magazine. Editorial. Photography by Joanna Krause.

2014 Huf Magazine. Editorial. Photography by Magic Owen.

2013 Hunger TV. Editorial. Photography by James Hazlett-Beard

2013 Peut-etre Magazine. Editorial. Photography by Nathalie Malric

2013 Huf Magazine. Editorial. Photography by Roberto Aguilar

2013 The Lab Magazine. Editorial. Photography by Jorge Perez Ortiz

2013 Chaos Magazine. Editorial. Photography by Packard Stevens

2013 Tangent Magazine. Editorial. Photography by Alexi Izmaylov

2013 Vogue Italia. Editorial. Photography by Miles Aldridge

2013 Interview feature in Vogue Turkey by Yaprak Aras

2013 Garage Online. Editorial. Photography by Alena Jascanka

2013 Vogue Germany. Editorial. Photography by Sebastian Kim

2012 Mint Magazine. Editorial. Photography by Alexi Izmaylov

2012 Fiasco Magazine. Editorial. Photography by Nicola Favaron. 

2012 Vogue Italia. Noomi Rapace Editorial. Photography by Michelangelo Di Battista.

2012 Vogue Italia. Editorial. Photography by Paolo Roversi. 

2012 Vogue Italia. Editorial. Photography by Ben Hassett.

2012 AnOther Magazine. Editorial. Photography by Robi Rodriguez.

2012 Hunger TV. Editorial. Photography by Joel MacGregor.

2012 The Hunger Magazine. 'Slick Licks' Editorial. Photography by Rankin.

2012 W Magazine. 'Dame of Thrones' Editorial. Photography by Tim Walker.

2012 Novembre Magazine. Editorial. Photography by Brett Lloyd.

2012 Interview Magazine. 'Goya' Editorial. Photography by Fabien Baron.

2012 W Magazine. 'Magical Thinking' Editorial. Photography by Tim Walker.

2012 Theo-Mass Times. Feature. 

2011 Vogue China. 'White Swan' Editorial. Photography by Liz Collins.

2011 POST Magazine. 'The Man Who Fell To Earth': Film by Jacob Sutton.

2011 3rd Floor Magazine 'Substructural Illusion': Feature Interview by Laura Nicol. 

2010 V Magazine. 'MirrorMirror' Editorial. Face Corset fashion feature photography by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin.

2010 Dash Magazine. 'Fatal Attraction' Editorial. Photography by Emanuele Savoia.

2009 AnOther Magazine. 'Clown' Editorial. Photography by Nick Knight.

2007 Artist/Designer Profile. I-D Magazine

2005 'Extreme Fashion' C Smith & S Topham. Prestel.

2004 'Glitterbugs' for SHOWstudio by Simon Foxton


Publications & Catalogues:

2017 See Yourself X. Madeline Schwartzman. Blackdog publishing

2016 Feature interview in 'Text', Vol:43. The Textile Society, Author Penny Claydon.

2016 Otherwordly. Edited by Theo-Mass Lexileictous, Sven Ehmann, Robert Klanten. Gestalten

2016 Crafts Magazine ‘Front’ feature

2015 Corps Recomposés. Emmanuelle Raingeval. Aix Marseille université 

2015 Sculptures, Etudes sur la sculpture. Emmanuelle Raingeval. PURH

2015 Paddy Hartley. Of Faces and Facades. Ed by David Houston Jones & Marjorie Gehrhardt. Black Dog Publishing

2015 Figuring It Out, Disfigurement in Twentieth-& Twenty-First-Century Art & Literature. Catherine Parayre & Leslie Boldt. Arsenal Pulp Press

2015 Face Politics. Jenny Edkins. Routledge

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2009 Front Cover feature story. The Journal of Israeli Military Medicine

2009 Mask of Agony, feature article by Editor Martin Mace. Britain at War Magazine

2009 Art in Stitches. Article by Frederique Joseph-Lowery. Art Press Magazine

2008 ‘Change Me’, Project Facade feature article by Paddy Hartley. History Today

2008 War + Medicine review by Colin Martin. British Medical Journal

2008 ‘A Stitch in Time' feature by Denna Jones on Paddy Hartley & Project Façade. Embroidery Magazine

2008 Interview with Project Facade founder Paddy Hartley. Family History Monthly

2008 ‘Facing the Past’, Faces of Battle exhibition feature article. Legion Magazine

2008 ‘Draag je Emoties’ fashion special by Aynouk Tan. Featured Artist. De Pers Dutch National Newspaper

2008 Featured artist for ‘Pricked: Extreme Embroidery’ review. Crafts Magazine

2008 American Style Magazine full-page feature. American Style Magazine

2008 MAD BOOK. Museum of Arts & Design New York, Permanent Collection Catalogue

2008 Contemporary Textiles: The Fabric of Fine Art. Editor: Nadine Monem. Blackdog Pub

2008 Skintight: An Anatomy of Cosmetic Surgery. Author: Meredith Jones. Berg Pub

2007 Featured artist for ‘Pricked: Extreme Embroidery’ preview. Crafts Magazine

2007 Textile Forum Magazine feature. Textile Forum Magazine

2007 Pricked: Extreme Embroidery exhibition catalogue. Museum of Arts & Design Pub

2007 Beyond Prescription: Connecting Medicine, Culture and Research. LCACE Pub

2006 Diagnosis Art. Exhibition catalogue. Kunst Ahlen Museum Pub

2004 Future Face. Author Prof Sandra Kemp. Wellcome Trust Pub

2004 Blueprint Magazine: Masked by Nature by Remi Abbas. Blueprint Magazine

2004 Face Corset/Bioactive glass implant feature article by Mark Henderson. The Times

2003 ‘Treat Yourself’ review by Colin Martin. The Lancet

2003 ‘Nip & Tuck’ Artist Story: Face Corset & Bioglass Implant feature. AN Magazine

2002 Artist & Face Corset feature. Metro (London)

2001 ‘Safe from Harm’ exhibition feature article. Yorkshire Post

2000 Exhibition review of ‘Safe From Harm’ by A. Hickling. The Guardian

2000 Featured Artist double page spread. exhibit;a arts journal

2000 Artist Profile by Rich Jevons. The Leeds Guide


Guest lecturer: (2007 ongoing)

Amsterdam Fashion Academy, Holland.

Arts University Bournemouth

Batley School of Art & Design

Birmingham City University

University Centre Blackburn

Bradford University

Central St Martins

Coventry School of Art & Design

Cleveland College of Art & Design

UWIC, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff

Colchester College

Duncan of Jordanstone, Dundee

University Centre Doncaster 

University of Derby

East Coast School of Art

Exeter University

Gray's School of Art, Robert Gordon, Aberdeen

University of Hertfordshire

Hereford College of Arts

Leeds Metropolitan University

Leeds College of Art & Design

Leeds University

London College of Fashion

Liverpool John Moores University

University of the Highlands & Islands, Moray.

Norwich University College Of The Arts 

School of Art & Design, Middlesex University

Norwich University College Of The Arts 

Southampton Solent University

University of Wales, Trinity Saint David

North East Worcestershire College

Winchester School of Art


Educational (selection):

2009 Photoshop tutor. The Victoria & Albert Museum, London

2010 ‘Forms of Narrative’ Keynote Speaker. Perthshire Visual Arts Forum, Scotland

2009 Textile Residential Weekend Event Leader, FUSION Textile Group. Ushaw College, Durham

2009 Artist Mentor on the FABRIC Artist Mentoring Programme. Creative Bradford

2008 Digital Print and Embroidery guest lecturer. London College of Fashion

2002 Families & Young People event designer. The Victoria & Albert Museum, London